XL427 Releases Long Awaited Second Album

After a nearly 12 year wait, XL427 has finally released their second album, Thee Attack. For those new to XL427, the band is fronted by vocalist, guitar player, and songwriter Andy Ingram. Joining him to complete the band is Mike Ruetschle(guitar& vocals), Gigi Palassis(guitar), Cooper(bass), and Dan Stahl(drums). The band released the album through Poptek Recs and celebrated it with an album release show at Hatch Artist Studios, on January 3rd.

In contrast to the band's first album, Yesterdays Forever, Thee Attack features songs that are a bit darker. The reason for this is the influence of Andy Ingram's bout with West Nile Virus on this album. Although he eventually recovered, his fight with the disease has had a big effect on his songwriting. In fact, what makes this album so special is that all but one of the songs on the album has its roots in Ingram's struggle with West Nile Virus. Ultimately when someone listens to Thee Attack they are listening to songs that come from a profound change in their writer which is about as artistic as it can get.

More About XL427

For those who wish to learn more about XL427, you can check out their Facebook page. In addition, the album is also available on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Also, the album is available for purchase on Poptek Recs' website.