The Synaesthetic Oil Spill

If you have been to see local live music lately and have been blown away by an impressive visual show, chances are you can thank The Synaesthetic Oil Spill. Not only has this exciting project been lighting up local shows but it also has a bright future.

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photo of The Worn Flints by Chuck Johnson

In addition to being an inventive visual art project, The Synaesthetic Oil Spill's beginnings come from its founder's musical roots. Specifically, founder Billy Gruber's background as a percussionist is a key reason the project has been a success. After returning to the Dayton area after college, Billy was unable to find any projects that needed his skills. So in order to keep jamming with local bands, he started doing liquid light shows. Couple his love for the old school visual style of bands like Pink Floyd and his ability to react to music in a way only a drummer can and The Synaesthetic Oil Spill was born.

As a result of Billy's light shows, many music fans have been able to experience live music in a way they never have before. Due to his unique skills, fans have gone so far as to say that his light shows allow them to literally see the music in action. Add in the fact that no two of his light shows are ever the same and it is easy to see what makes his work so special.

Photo of Salvadore Ross by Michael Dylan Jones

While right now the Synaesthetic Oil Spill mostly provides visuals just in the Dayton Oh and surrounding area they hope to see that change. With plans to expand the capabilities of their visual shows, Billy hopes to one-day book shows with more regional or even national recognition.

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If you are interested in The Synaesthetic Oil Spill's work you follow their work in a number of ways. First, you can follow them on the following them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Be sure to also check their social media pages for contact information.