The Pullouts Release New LP 'Tumbleweed Waltz'

Although it's been a few years since Dayton has seen any new music from The Pullouts, on June 5th the band released their latest LP, Tumbleweed Waltz. Since their 2014 debut LP The Thought of You Waiting On Me, the band has become a staple at many of Dayton's best music venues. In fact, the inspiration for the LP comes heavily from the band's time playing at those very venues. According to the band's frontman, Scott Houchens, "Tumbleweed Waltz is inspired by the years I've spent playing music in the Dayton area especially the Oregon District, and especially at Tumbleweed Connection. It's a reflection on becoming a part of the local community, the people I've met and things I've experienced being an entertainer, making memories and living in a small midwestern town."

While the promotion for the LP began recently, work on Tumbleweed Waltz began way back in November of 2018. Over the course of around a year and a half, The Pullouts worked with Jack Wiley at Moon Ranch Recording Studio to record and produce the LP. As a result of their work, the band started promoting the LP this past spring. Not only did the band release a song from the album, "If I Fall", as a single on May 8th but also the band produced and released a music video for the single to promote the LP's release.

Overall Tumbleweed Waltz is a great example of The Pullout's unique style of piano-led rock. One thing that makes this band's music different from similar bands is their ability to write songs that have both a singer-songwriter and a traditional rock song feel to them. While Scott Houchens's piano and vocals are no doubt the centerpiece to their music, it's the rest of the band's talent that really puts them over the edge. Because of the fact that the band's talent doesn't stop at the piano but resonates in every member The Pullouts have been able to create their own brand of piano-led rock that truly is something special.

More About The Pullouts

To learn more about The Pullout's music, you can check out the band's website or Facebook page. Currently, Tumbleweed Waltz is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. To stay up to date on all the great new music from Dayton artists, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.