The Paint Splats - Album Review

After the release of a split album with Mike Bankhead, Dayton band The Paint Splats are preparing to release their debut full-length album. This highly anticipated self-titled album has left fans waiting since the May release of the single "I Gutted My VCR". Building off the excitement of their first single The Paint Splats have recorded a debut album that will not disappoint.

Starting the album off with "Cut The Chord", The Paint Splats quickly shows listeners why they are so great. By taking goofy lyrics and ideas and mixing them with familiar alternative rock sounds, there really is no band that sounds like them. As a result, their self-titled album is sure to be appealing to a broad variety of fans. From the iconic "I Gutted My VCR" to the notes of gospel inspiration in "When They Put Me Down", this album contains something for everyone. Furthermore, clocking in at just 37 minutes the album is an excellent one to listen to in one sitting.

Apart from containing 10 songs that will delight any music fan, the album is just simply fun to listen to. To celebrate this upcoming release The Paint Splats will be playing an album release show on Nov 16 at the Yellow Cab Tavern. Additionally, the band will be joined by John Dubuc's Guilty Pleasures for just a $10 admission.