The Nautical Theme - Break My Fall

Formed in 2017, many consider The Nautical Theme to be one of Dayton's best acoustic duos. Made up of Tesia Mallory and Matt Shetler the duo released their first album, Float, in 2018. After two years they are once again preparing to release an album. Titled Lows and Highs and set for release on March 21st the duo released the first single off the album, titled "Break My Fall" on February 14th.

In addition to being the first single off the upcoming album, the duo is joined by Justin Crim on drums for this song. As a result, this single gives old fans something new to be excited about. Additionally this single is also a perfect example of what new fans should expect from The Nautical Theme. Ultimately "Break My Fall" should get fans both new and old excited for the release of Lows and Highs.

For those who wish to learn more about The Nautical Theme, you can check out the band’s website. Additionally, "Break My Fall" can be streamed on most streaming platforms and is available for purchase on Bandcamp. Be sure to also like The Nautical Theme's Facebook page to stay updated with all the great things this band does.

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