The Katawicks - Love in Your Soul

Originally formed in 2011, The Katawicks returned to the Dayton music scene in 2018 after a short hiatus. Splitting their time between Dayton and Nashville, there is no one that can deny just how talented the band is. Although the band has only recently returned to the Dayton music scene, 2020 is looking to be an exciting year for The Katawicks. In addition to making it to the upcoming Dayton Battle of The Bands finals, the band has just released their first single for the year.

Titled "Love in Your Soul", this single is the fourth released by the band since 2018. And once again The Katawicks did not fail to deliver another song that exemplifies their incredible talent. While this single is sure to be another successful release, the band is yet to publicly announce plans for a full-length album. As a result, the full depth of this band's talent can only be experienced by seeing them live. Therefore anyone who enjoys this single would be foolish to pass on a chance to see them live.

For those who wish to learn more about The Katawicks, you can check out the band’s Facebook page. Additionally, “Love in Your Soul” can be streamed on most streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. Also, be sure to check them at The Dayton Battle of The Bands finals on February 25th.

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