The Great Serpent Mound of Ohio - Reliquary

The Great Serpent Mound of Ohio’s debut album Reliquary, which was released in 2019, is packed with some high energy psychedelic rock from start to finish. The four-piece of Dayton locals offer an array of different styles compiled into this album. They’ve tapped into a timeless sound that is equal parts shredding guitar solos and bluesy dreamlike sounds with a garage band feel to the whole entire thing.

The acoustic instrumentation on track three, Brother Sam, is juxtaposed well with their electrified instruments, creating a heavy-hitting feel-good song that somehow manages to hit on two separate levels - You can easily tap your foot along, or crank the volume and rock out on full blast.

They touch on some deeper emotional subjects with songs like You and I are Getting Older, which is one of the heavier tracks on the album, with vocals reminding me of the post-grunge rock era of the late nineties.

Gasoline and Matches is possibly the most well-rounded song on the album, with a catchy chorus and chord progressions that tempt you and draw your eager ears in for more.

Weakest Link in the Chain is another fantastic song thanks to the feel-good acoustic guitar and catchy lyrics that are easy to sing along with. A smooth guitar solo in the middle of the track ties it all together quite nicely.

The harmonica on the second to last song, Something…, was a pleasant surprise that was subtle but effective. It goes to show the overall versatility of the band and their ability to touch on several different styles and sounds.

The general arrangement of these tracks is something worth noting. Great Serpent Mound of Ohio does a good job of crafting a musical experience that transitions well from one song’s overall vibe into the next.

In general, this is a very solid album from beginning to end. No song seems out of place in this collection, and the band clearly has done their homework in terms of craft and professionalism. They managed to convey a very wide spectrum of influences through in their music, while at the same time carving out their own niche sound within the psychedelic rock genre.

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