The Dereliction of Brother Hill - Album Review

Released July 27th, Brother Hill's latest album, The Dereliction of Brother Hill, is another great example of the band's success. Founded in 20017, Brother Hill has since brought a unique neofolk sound to Dayton's music scene. Made up of Brett Hill, Kyle Lyons, Eric Osbourne, George Joseph van Fossen, and Keith Stewart, this five-member band is one to add to your radar.

Comprised of six carefully crafted songs, the album takes listeners to places only a neofolk band can. Kicking off the album, the entrancing and eclectic "Steeplechase", sets the mood for what's to come. Doing what many albums do not The Dereliction of Brother Hill builds off the first song and creates an album that flows seamlessly from start to finish. In addition, standout songs on the album include "Little Sadie" and "Desert Song". Closing out with "Tough Luck" the album finishes in a way that will make listeners sure to want more.

With The Dereliction of Brother Hill, Brother hill establishes themselves as a neofolk band to keep an eye on. In addition, the band also shows local music fans in Dayton, Ohio that they can compete with top local talent. Fans of both neofolk and Dayton music should keep an eye out for what this band does next.