The Boxcar Suite - "Entropical Segue"

For many, the start of a new decade means a metaphorical start of a new era. But for one local band, The Boxcar Suite, 2020 is quite literally the beginning of a new era. With guitarist Tony Moore's recent move to Ireland, the coming year is a turning point for the band. Although this year will see the band move ahead from the change, there is still more music featuring Tony Moore's guitar that will be released this year. In fact, on January 21st the band released the first of these songs, "Entropical Segue".

As one of the last songs recorded with Tony Moore, "Entropical Segue" represents a transition for the band. Over the years Tony Moore and Tim Pritchard's respective guitar playing have developed undeniable chemistry that will be missed in future work. Likewise, this latest single is a perfect example of just how good the two can sound together. Ultimately this new song is sure to get old and new fans alike to revisit the band's excellent catalog.

In addition to releasing "Entropical Segue", The Boxcar Suite is preparing a new album for a 2020 release. Just like their new single, their upcoming album also consists of some of the band's last recordings with Tony Moore. Tentatively titled Every Side of The Abyss, Tim Pritchard sees the album as a capstone to the Tony Moore era of the band. While the album's release date is still to be determined, all fans of The Boxcar Suite should be looking forward to the coming finale of what was a memorable era for this band.

Listen To Entropical Segue