Featuring songs mainly written by frontman Joe Anderl, Dayton local band, The 1984 Draft, recently released their latest album “Makes Good Choices”. Made up of Joe Anderl on vocals and guitar, drummer Justin Satinover, guitarist Eli Alban, and bassist Chip Heck, The 1984 Draft is currently one of Dayton’s premier rock groups. Released by the label Poptek records, this latest release consists of another great example of what Dayton’s Local musicians have to offer.

Kicking off the album with the upbeat song “Jane Kowalski”, The 1984 Draft starts off “Makes Good Choices” with a fun lighthearted song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Also featuring other upbeat songs such as “Miss Ohio” and “Lately”, “Makes Good Choices” is a release that offers many great songs. Though most of the songs are light-hearted and lively, that is not all that “Makes Good Choices” has to offer. Other songs such as “Honest” and “Megaphone”, while keeping the album’s upbeat tempo, offer a more somber tone that adds a good dose of diversity to the album. Finishing off the album with the slower song “Lisbon Falls”, The 1984 Draft has released a very well-rounded album with “Makes Good Choices”.

With “Makes Good Choices” The 1984 Draft has released an album that is sure to leave listeners with high expectations for the future of the group. Featuring highly talented musicians and good songwriting, “Make Good Choices” is likely going to be just one of many great albums from The 1984 Draft. The 1984 Draft has many upcoming shows in the Dayton area and if their performances are anywhere as good as their “Makes Good Choices” release, they will be a must-see for any local music fan. To listen to “Make Good Choices” you can check it out on the band’s SoundCloud page. For more information on the band, you can view their website or give the band’s Facebook page a visit.

Upcoming Tour Dates

September 14 – Star City Brewing – Miamisburg, OH

September 21 – Dayton Music Fest – Dayton, OH w/ Dead Rider, Crooks on Tape, Adam Remnant

September 28 – Peaches – Yellow Springs, OH

September 29 – Communivale – Yellow Springs, OH

October 20 – Blind Bob's - Dayton, OH

November 2 – Yellow Cab Tavern – Dayton, OH