Serve A Thirsty Moon - Smug Brothers

Back in 2017, it looked for a moment like the Smug Brothers would never be the same. Despite the challenges that 2017 brought, 2019 has shown the band is back and is as strong as ever. Not only is the band going strong again but also they have just released their third full-length album in 2019. Released in association with Local Music Day, Serve A Thirsty Moon is an excellent addition to the band's strong year.

After the departure of lead guitarist Brian Baker and bassist Larry Evens in 2017, the future looked bleak for the Smug Brothers. The departure left guitarist Kyle Melton and drummer Don Thrasher going back to the basics. After spending some time recording music at home, Scott Tribble and Kyle Sowash eventually joined the bandmates. This period of time led the band to where it is today, releasing three strong full-length albums in one year.

Comprised of 21 carefully sequenced songs, Serve A Thirsty Moon brings sounds both familiar and new to fans. From the more familiar-sounding "Pretty Celsius" to the post-punk sounding "Born on Kentucky Avenue" there is a little of everything on the album. In fact, all the beginning to the end of the album fans will continue to find something new to enjoy.

For those not familiar with the Smug Brothers, Serving A Thirsty Moon is an excellent place to start. Clocking in with a 40 minute run time, new listeners will be quickly exposed to what the band is all about. Also for those who are already fans of the band are sure to not be disappointed one bit with this latest album.