Recent New Music We Love From Dayton Musicians

Hey, music fans. March is almost over which means spring is almost here. While spring may not be here just yet, we do have some new music from Dayton area musicians for you to check out. So if you are like us and you like new music be sure to do yourself a favor and check out these great new releases.

K.Carter & TINO - “Safe Money”

First up on our list is the title track from the upcoming collaboration from TINO and K.Carter, Safe Money. In addition to being the first single released as a part of their collaboration, the duo also released a music video for the track on March 24th. Right now, you can find the music video for “Safe Money” on both the artists’ respective Facebook Pages. If this new single gets you excited be on the lookout for the full project when it releases on April 2nd.   

Nineteen Thirteen - MCMXIII

Next up on our list is the debut album, MCMXIII, from the Dayton area band, Nineteen Thirteen. One of the things we love about this new band is that they took their name from the year 1913, which is the year of the great flood that forever changed the city. Additionally, even though it is just four songs long, MCMXII has a lot to offer musically. Overall, this album offers up some great straightforward hard rock that digs into themes that would be very relevant to a person living in Dayton around the year 1913. Currently, MCMXIII can be found on major streaming services and is available for purchase on Nineteen Thirteen’s Bandcamp page.   

Brother Hill - Blackfish

While not a hard rock band, Brother Hill shares a unique similarity to the band in the previous entry on this list, Nineteen Thirteen. In fact, both Brother Hill and Nineteen Thirteen are projects of the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Brett Hill. Different than the hard rock of Nineteen Thirteen, Brother Hill’s latest genre album bending album, Blackfish, pays homage to the rich music tradition of Appalachia. One of the reasons we love this new album is that by not strictly sticking to any genre-specific guardrails Brett Hill was able to draw upon many different inspirations to record an album that is truly unique to him and his music. Right now, Blackfish can be purchased on Brother Hill’s Bandcamp page and streamed on major streaming services.     

Samuri West - Life Lessons

Last up on our list of new music is the new album from Samuri West, Life Lessons. Released on March 19th, this full-length album consists of 10 original tracks that feature elements that will remind listeners of some of today’s most popular hip-hop and R&B tracks. Although Samuri West is a newer face to Dayton’s music scene we hope that as Dayton’s music venues begin to open back up, we start seeing more of her. In the meantime, you can find her new album, Life Lessons, on all major streaming services.