Recent Music We Love Released by Dayton Artists

Whenever there is a great tragedy many people turn to the arts to help them keep their spirits high. In particular listening to music provides many with a temporary escape from harsh realities. For this reason, we are very excited to share with you some great new music that was released in March by Dayton area musicians.

The Nautical Theme - Lows and Highs

After releasing the single, "Break My Fall", on February 14th, The Nautical Theme released their second full-length album on March 20th. Titled Lows and Highs, this release is a great example of the acoustic folk duo's work and there are many reasons to love it. In particular, we love it because we find it a great album to put on to help relieve some of the stress while working at home. Additionally, Lows and Highs can be streamed on major streaming platforms and is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Stringus Khan - Colorado Speedbump

As a result of a successful crowdfunding campaign, Stringus Khan released their debut album, Colorado Speedbump, on March 13th. Joined by Califonia Howdy, the band celebrated the album's release with a show at Blind Bob's. While Colorado Speedbump may be their first full-length album, it is clear that the band has a bright future ahead. In addition to being available for purchase on CD Baby, Colorado Speedbump can also be found on major streaming platforms.

Andy Gabbard - Cherry Sun

Whenever Andy Gabbard releases new music no matter what the project, any Daytonian should be excited. In addition to his previous great works, he has been on a hot streak lately. For example, the recent full-length album Gabbard & Perkins and the single "Sell Your Gun Buy A Guitar" is enough alone to make anyone a lifelong Andy Gabbard fan. With this in mind, there are two main reasons why we love Cherry Sun. The first of which is the song "Quarantined In The USA", which for obvious reasons nearly anyone can relate to. Secondly, we love this album because all proceeds from its sales will be going to support a Dayton Ohio Foodbank. So be sure to download the album on Andy Gabbard's Bandcamp page and support a good cause.

Weathervein - "Stable"

Another March release from a Dayton musician we love is the new single from Weathervein. As a matter of fact, it appears that we aren't the only ones as it already has an impressive number of plays on Spotify. When venues open up again we highly expect to see this band playing many great shows in Dayton. While "Stable" can be found on streaming platforms the single can also be purchased on Bandcamp. Additionally, the band is letting you name your own price to download "Stable". So if you love the song be sure to show the band some love and download the song.

Tino - "95' Tribe"

If a little bit of sports of nostalgia is something you are craving, look no further than TINO's latest single. While no substitute for baseball this new single titled "95' Tribe" is sure to leave you longing for opening day. In this track, the Cleveland born, Dayton rapper TINO throws it back to one of Cleveland's best teams of all time. Even if you're not a Cleveland sports fan it's hard to listen to this song and not think of better days. Likewise, this great new track can be found on TINO's Bandcamp page.

Novena - "Strip My Bark Away"

As a newer player to Dayton's music scene, "Strip My Bark Away" is the first single ever released by Novena. Although this is only the group's first single we are very excited about their future. In addition to other talented members, one of the reasons why we are so excited is lead singer's Emma Lee Woodruff's amazing vocals. After listening to this single and watching their live-streamed concert in support of the Yellow Cab Tavern on March 21st we can wait to see what they do next. Because of this, we highly suggest you add Novena to your watch list if you haven't already.