Ohio Music Festivals Status Update

Just like every other part of life, the current COVID-19 pandemic is also affecting the world of music. Because of the social distancing measures introduced to fight the virus's spread many concerts and music festivals have either been canceled or postponed. Although the situation is less than ideal, we have put together a status update on some of Ohio's music festivals to help keep you informed.

Bunbury Music Festival

As one of Ohio's largest music festivals, Bunbury often attracts many well known nationally touring acts to southwest Ohio. But unfortunately, Bunbury has not been immune to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, festival organizers announced on April 6th that the festival will not be taking place in 2020. While it is disappointing that the festival won't be returning to Cincinnati this year, because of the festival's past strong years there is no reason to believe that the festival won't be back and better than ever in 2021.


Ohio Dreamfest

While many Ohio music festivals are being canceled, at least one is still hoping for a successful festival in 2020. In a statement released on March 24th, the festival shared their hopes that things go on as scheduled. On the other hand, it was also acknowledged that an attempt to reschedule the festival will be made if needed. In addition to the possibility the festival will go on as scheduled, there are many reasons Dayton music fans should be excited about Ohio Dreamfest. For example, several Dayton based bands will be performing during the festival. Additionally, festival organizers have also displayed their generosity by giving away miracle tickets to some fans in need.

**Update** As of May 28th the festival is postponed to a future date yet to be determined.

Nelsonville Music Festival

Another Ohio music festival affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is the Nelsonville Music Festival. Because of the pandemic's ongoing effects, the festival's organizers announced on March 20th the postponement of the 2020 festival to 2021. In the announcement, Tim Peacock, the festival's founder and executive director, expressed his hope that people would continue to support small businesses like Stuart’s Opera House, the sole producer of the Nelsonville Music Festival, during this difficult time. Also in the announcement were details on how to support the festival and Stuart’s Opera House during the pandemic. Specifically, you can show your support by purchasing festival merchandise or making a donation.

Bellwether Music Festival

While the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many summer music festivals, one Ohio music festival may be left unaffected. Since Bellwether Music Festival is scheduled for August 6th-8th, as of right now it will be happening as scheduled. Equally important to point out is that this year the festival has added a third day to its schedule. With this addition of the third day of music to its schedule, Bellwether is again expanding its offerings. As a result, this festival is well on its way to gaining more national recognition.

**Update** On June 15th the festival was rescheduled to a date in 2021.

Dark Star Jubilee

Among Ohio's many music festivals, many jam band fans consider Dark Star Jubilee to be one of the best. In addition to featuring an impressive lineup of performers each year, one of the nation's top Grateful Dead cover bands, Dark Star Orchestra, also serves as the festival's host. But unfortunately, on March 9th the festival organizers announced the postponement of the festival to May 2021. Additionally included in the announcement was the fact that tickets for this year's Dark Star Jubilee will continue to be honored for the May 2021 date. If instead, you wish to receive a refund for your 2020 tickets, refund requests can be made by visiting https://www.darkstarjubilee.com/.

Spring Hookahville

Although set to take place before other festivals that have already been canceled, organizers of Spring Hookahville have not canceled or postponed Spring Hookahville as of April 9th. As a result, we will be updating this post if any cancelation or postponement occurs. Additionally, the festival has scheduled several bands that are based in Dayton to play at this year's festival.

*Update: On April 28th it was announced that the festival will be postponed until September 4 - 6th.