New Year New Music From Dayton Artists

While it has only been a little over a week into the new year, for many Dayton area musicians 2021 is already off to a great start. In fact, many local musicians have already released some great new music. If you are not yet excited about what 2021 will bring to Dayton's music scene, you will be after checking out these great new releases.

Andrew Gabbard - "Wake Up, Brother”

Over the past couple of years, few Dayton area musicians have released as much music as Andrew Gabbard has. Among many other notable recent achievements, he has lately been releasing new music as both a member of The Gabbard Brothers and as a solo artist through the Ohio based record label, Colemine Records. Most recently he kicked off the new year by releasing a new single titled "Wake Up Brother" on January 1st. Partially about recognizing that 2020 was a drag but mostly about looking forward to making the new year better, "Wake Up Brother" is certainly a new years song everyone can relate to. Currently, this new single is available on Andrew Gabbard's Bandcamp page and on YouTube.

Weathervein - "Hurt Like Me"

Also released on January 1st is a new single from the Dayton area ambient rock band Weathervein. This new song, titled "Hurt Like Me", is about dealing with feelings of loss, anger, and emptiness left behind after the loss of a loved one. If you are new to Weathervein, in the pre-covid era, they frequently played alongside some of Dayton's best. So be on the lookout, because later this year as the pandemic begins to subside we expect to see them become very active again. For right now you can find "Hurt Like Me" and the rest of their work on all major streaming services.

The Paint Splats - "Ballpoint Pen"

Next up on our list is the new music video from The Paint Splats. Known for their quirky power-pop songs, The Paint Splats is made up of front-man Brandon Berry and his changing cast of musical accomplices. Aside from his talents as a musician, Brandon has also proven to be handy with a video camera. In the past, he has not only edited music videos for The Paint Splats but for other local musicians as well. For his latest work, Brandon teamed up with Rachel Rosen to co-direct a music video for his new single titled "Ballpoint Pen". In addition to the music video, you can also find "Ballpoint Pen" on Bandcamp and major streaming services.

Richard Canan - “When I Get Back Home”

For our last entry in this list, we were not able to find out much about the artist, but we do know he has at least one awesome connection to the Dayton area. In particular, Richard Canan is the older brother of Seth Canan of the local favorite Seth Canan & The Carriers. Additionally, Seth also produced this two-song single and you can spot him behind the drum set in the music video. While admittedly we didn't do any research beyond what we found on social media, we hope to see more from Richard Canan in the future. In addition to the music video, this single is available from streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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