New Music Friday: New Music Released By Dayton Musicians(3/30-4/2)

For some, Friday means the start of the weekend, but for music fans, Friday means new music. So if you are like us and you like new music be sure to check out these great new releases from Dayton area musicians. Additionally today, Bandcamp is waving the fees it charges artists that sell on their platform. So if you are thinking about purchasing any of these new tracks be sure to do it today.

Andrew Gabbard - “Promises I’ve Made”

After already releasing two new singles this year, on Tuesday, March 30th Andrew Gabbard released yet another new single, titled “Promises I’ve Made”. Unlike the previous two singles, “Promises I’ve Made” is a cover Andrew recorded to pay tribute to the late songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recording engineer Emitt Rhodes. What makes Andrew's version of this song particularly noteworthy is that he stayed true to Emitt’s homemade one-man-Beatles style, by recording and playing all the instruments himself. Additionally, Andrew shared with us that he particularly loved recording this song not only because it has long been an important song to him but also that recording all the different layers in the song helped him appreciated just how brilliant Emitt Rhodes really was.  

Like his previous two singles, “Promises I’ve Made” comes off his upcoming album, Homemade Album, which will be released via Karma Chief/Colemine Records. While the full album is not due out until fall, right now, you can find “Promises I’ve Made” on Andrew Gabbard’s Bandcamp page and on major streaming services. Also, if you subscribe to HBO Max be sure to check out the upcoming series Made For Love, as “Promises I’ve Made” is set to be featured in the series.

K.Carter & TINO - Safe Money

Next up, on our list of new music is the collaboration titled Safe Money from TINO and K.Carter. After releasing a music video for the project’s title track on March 24th, the duo released the full project today (4/2) on Bandcamp. The reason we love this project is that it brings together two of the Dayton area’s best rap/hip-hop artists to show that hip-hop is in fact alive and well in Dayton Ohio. In our opinion, before the pandemic, rap/hip-hop musicians were not getting near enough shows booked at some of the area’s more popular music venues. Our hope is that projects like Safe Money get the recognition they’ve earned and soon we see more rap/hip-hop acts being booked at the area’s more popular venues much more often.

Mike Bankhead - “Baile Conmigo”

Also releasing new music today is Mike Bankhead. Today (4/2) Mike released a very interesting and notable new single titled “Baile Conmigo”. What is different and cool about this new song is that, unlike his other music, this song is written and performed in Spanish. Even more interesting is this is not the first time he recorded a song in a foreign language. In fact, Mike previously released a song in French titled “Pauline” on his 2019 split album with The Paint Splats, Defacing the Moon. If you are interested in Mike Bankhead’s take on Latin-inspired music you can find “Baile Conmigo” on his Bandcamp page.

Poptek Records - Popilation (Vol. 1)

If you are not yet familiar with Poptek Records, it is a small independent label that many Dayton area artists call home. Today (4/2) the record label released a new compilation album featuring tracks from several Dayton area musicians, titled Popilation (Vol. 1), exclusively on Bandcamp. More specifically, Popilation (Vol. 1) is a digital collection of brand new songs, side projects, overlooked songs, or never-before-released songs from the Poptek family of artists. What makes this new complication album worth checking out is that in addition to including new and different songs from musicians that will be familiar to any seasoned Dayton music fan, it also provides new listeners an easy way to see what the Poptek family of artists is all about.

Toad Stool Shadow - “Maitreya”

Last up on our list of new music is the new video from the Yellow Springs music and arts collective Toadstool Shadow. This new music video for their song “Maitreya” is being released on the band’s YouTube channel tonight (4/2) at 7 p.m. Although this group’s music may seem a bit out there sometimes, their whimsical music can serve as a good relief from the chaotic state the world seems to be stuck in right now. Currently, the group is nearing completion of a “fairy tale opera” short movie titled Folk Songs of the American Wood Elf. Their goal is to finish the movie by May 1, 2021, the deadline for the Dayton Film Festival. Right now Toadstool Shadow’s debut album Rainbow Nights is for sale at Tom’s Market in Yellow Springs and every 15th album contains a golden ticket for a free Toadstool Shadow t-shirt. 

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