New Music Friday: New Music Released By Dayton Musicians (2/23-3/5)

For some, Friday means the start of the weekend, but for music fans, Friday means new music. So if you are like us and you like new music be sure to check out these great new releases from Dayton area musicians.

Andrew Gabbard -“Instant Trancer”

After kicking off his year by releasing the single "Wake Up Brother", Andrew Gabbard released yet another new single. Titled "Instant Trancer" and released on February 23, it is the second single off his upcoming LP Homemade Album. One of the many things to love about this song is how personal this song is. In fact, Andrew wrote this song as an ode to his daughter. Right now, you can find "Instant Trancer "on Andrew Gabbard's Bandcamp page and major streaming services.

This Pine Box - Whatchya Got

While 2020 was not quite the year This Pine Box was hoping for the band still had a fairly successful year. After releasing several new singles last year, the band released their first new music of 2021 on February 26th. Titled Whatchya Got, this brand-new EP features 6 songs that are some of the band’s best to date. If you like fun alternative rock with good energy be sure to check out this great new EP. Currently, you can find Whatchya Got and more songs by This Pine Box on major streaming services.

Freight - Neurocracy

Although Freight hasn’t around the Dayton music scene for very long, the band has still managed to release a lot of quality original music. Most recently the band expanded their song catalog by releasing a new full-length album, titled Neurocacy, on February 26th. With the end of the pandemic on the horizon, we hope to see Freight get a chance to play some of the area’s great music venus and show more Dayton music fans what this band is all about. If you want to check out this great new album you can find it and the rest of the band’s work on major streaming services.

The Boxcar Suite - Enter The Abyss

Last up on our list of new music from Dayton area musicians is the new album from The Boxcar Suite. Originally this album, titled Every Side of the Abyss, was planned for a fall 2020 release but because of the pandemic, the band decided to delay its release. Now after the delay, the band finally released the album on March 5th. Among the many reasons to love this new album is that it features some of the last recordings guitarist Tony Moore made with the band before moving out of the country. Currently, Every Side of the Abyss can be found on major streaming services and is available for purchase on The Boxcar Suite’s Bandcamp page.

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