New Music Friday: New Music Released By Dayton Musicians(4/12-4/16)

Just like most Fridays, we have some new music from some of the Dayton area’s best musicians to share with you. If you like what see be sure to tell others about it because music is best when it is enjoyed by all.

Alec Snead - Singles From Another Day

If you have been paying attention to Dayton’s music scene you may already be familiar with Alec Snead. After being a part of several different area music projects, he is releasing his first full-length solo album on April 23rd. This upcoming album, titled Another Day, will feature a collection of country/folk songs inspired by the greats of the 1970s, and will also feature a few other local musicians as guest instrumentalists. While the album is not out yet, over the past few weeks Alec has been releasing a few singles from the album, including today’s release of the single “A Good Dog”. Right now, you can find “A Good Dog” and other songs from the album on major streaming services.  

M Ross Perkins - “Bird Of The World”

Back in September, veteran Dayton area musician M Ross Perkins released his first single with Karma Chief Records. Now after a few months, on Tuesday, April 13th M Ross Perkins released yet another new single through the Karma Chief label, titled “Bird Of The World”.  In addition to its catchy retro vibe, one of the things that makes this song special is that it is not an original, but it is a cover of a cult classic song from Cleveland-based musician Bill Fox. Currently, you can find “Bird Of The World” on M Ross Perkin’s Bandcamp page and major streaming services.

Nightbeast - Actually

Last up on our list of new music from Dayton area musicians, is the long-awaited new album from Nightbeast. After working on the album over the last two years, today the band finally released their album titled Actually. Even though this album took longer to release than the band may have hoped, good things take time, and this album is a great example of just that. There are few bands in the Dayton area that play their brand of rock as well as Nightbest does, and just one listen to Actually and there is no doubt that their fans will be dying to see the band perform as soon as possible.  Right now, you can find Actually and the rest of Nightbeast’s work on major streaming services. Also, be sure to check out the band’s YouTube channel to find a newly released live video of the band performing the song She’s Bad (So Wicked) a few years ago at the Sound Valley Music Fest.

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