New Music Friday: New Music Released By Dayton Musicians (2/19)

For some, Friday means the start of the weekend, but for music fans, Friday means new music. Just like last Friday, several Dayton area musicians have released some great new music today. For this reason, we are very excited to share these great new releases from local musicians with you.

Joey Beach - Horrible World

First up on our list of new music released today by Dayton musicians, is Joey Beach's new EP Horrible World. Over the past few years, Joey has been a part of several different area music projects, including the now-defunct pop-punk band Manray. Now with the help of Reallyreal Recordings, today's release of Horrible World marks his first widely distributed solo work. Different from some of his past work, this EP combines elements of alt-country styles with a rock n' roll sensibility. Currently, Horrible World is available on streaming services and can be purchased on Joey Beach's Bandcamp page.

The Katawicks - “This Dark Cloud”

Since the band's 2018 return to the Dayton music scene, few bands have generated as much excitement as The Katawicks have. Today the band released their first single, titled "This Dark Cloud", since their August EP In The Pocket. Like In the Pocket, the band also recorded this new single with Patrick Himes at Real Love Recording. Right now you can find "This Dark Cloud" on all major streaming services. Also be on the lookout as The Katawicks currently working on their first full-length album later this year, with the hopes of releasing it later this year.

TV Queens - Bad Fiction

Last of the new music released today is the debut album, titled Bad Fiction, from Darryl Robbins and Overthought Musik's latest project, TV Queens. For this new project, Darryl has teamed up with the prominent Dayton area musicians Nathan Peters (Lioness and Captain of industry) and Maria Dixon (Me & Mountains and Lioness). Different from Darryl's other projects TV Queens started with Darryl experimenting with wave-like synth melodies. After feeling that these experiments needed a voice, Darryl brought in his long-time friends Nathan and Maria to round out this exciting project. Now after weeks of anticipation Bad Fiction is now available on streaming services and the band's Bandcamp page.

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