Mike Bankhead - "Promise"

On June 5th, Dayton area bassist, Mike Bankhead, released the lead single, "Promise", from his upcoming album, Anxious Inventions & Fictions. Since Mike Bankhead is a solo artist that often writes songs designed for a full band, his songs usually feature a revolving and highly talented lineup of local musicians joining him. Before even listening to "Promise", fans of Dayton's music scene will be excited to see the talent that joined Mike on this single. With Patrick Himes (Reel Love Recording) and Tim Pritchard (Boxcar Suite) on guitar and Brian Hoeflich on drums, it's hard to imagine a better lineup that could join Mike's skilled bass playing.

When it comes to Mike's music there a few things we think really stick out. For instance, his main instrument is the bass guitar but he often composes his songs on the piano. This multi-instrument approach to songwriting undoubtedly gives him a perspective on songwriting not many solo artists have. Additionally, although his lyrics are often meaningful the instrumentals are often straight forward and not overly complex. As can be seen in "Promise", Mike Bankhead plays a unique brand of guitar-led gritty alternative rock. Generally speaking, if you enjoy this single there is no doubt you will enjoy the rest of his song catalog.

While this upcoming album is his second full-length project, "Promise" is not the first song he has released since his 2017 debut album, Echo In The Crevices. In fact, several of the songs Mike recorded while working on Anxious Inventions & Fictions have been already been released. Also recorded during those sessions was Mike Bankhead's single, "Bright Ideas" (not appearing on the album). In addition to "Bright Ideas", his songs on Defacing The Moon, a split album with The Paint Splats, are also products of his work recording the upcoming album. If you enjoyed this latest single, you should be excited to hear that the full-length album is due out soon.

More About Mike Bankhead

For those who wish to learn more about Mike Bankhead's music, you can check out his website or Facebook page. Currently, "Promise" is available on Bandcamp for purchase via a "name your price" digital download. Also, you can find the rest of his song catalog on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Additionally, a music video for this single is currently set for a June 19th release. To stay up to date on all the great new music from Dayton artists, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.