Me & Mountains - Dream Sequence, Vol. 1

Around since 2008, Me & Mountains has long been a favorite of many Dayton music fans. Last month, on November 9th, the band released their first EP since releasing their 2016 album Gold. Titled Dream Sequence, Vol 1, this release has been highly welcomed by fans of the band. In addition to featuring great songs, listening to Dream Sequence, Vol 1 is a great way to be introduced to the band's music.

For those new to Me & Mountains, there is no better way to introduce yourself to the band than by listening to this EP. For one thing, Dream Sequence, Vol 1 features just 5 songs which makes it a quick listen. Furthermore, the EP does an excellent job of showing the listener what the band is all about. In short checking out Me & Mountains is well worth your time. Also, there is no better place to start than their latest EP.

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