Mary Kate and Trashley "Make A Record"

Poised for release on April 5, 2019, Mary Kate and Trashley are set to debut "Make A Record" in a way that is rarely seen nowadays. Distributed by Poptek Records, apart from a digital release, "Make A Record" will also be available on cassette tape. Couple the unconventional release with a name like Mary Kate and Trashley and it leaves one wondering "What on earth am I getting into?". But no need to worry, those who are brave enough to give it a listen will come out the other side wanting more.

To many, the name Mary Kate and Trashley will leave the impression the artist is a female rap duo or many other things that they are not. In fact, Mary Kate and Trashley is the work of a single musician, Alexander Scaglia, who laid down the tracks for vocals, guitar, bass, drums, background vocals, and synthesizers himself. Comprised of experimental jams such as "A Touch Of The Doctor" and more traditional garage rock like "Noonan", "Make A Record" is sure to be a favorite of garage rock fans. With this project, Alexander Scaglia delivers some of the best garage rock that southwest Ohio has to offer.

A veteran of the Springfield, Ohio duo, The Florals, "Make A Record" sends Alexander Scaglia off in a new and experimental direction that both fans of his previous work and newcomers can enjoy. Comprised of six different tracks, "Make A Record" is an album that takes the listener on a journey comprised of a wide range of sounds. With Mary Kate and Trashley, Alexander Scaglia brings to the listener some hard-hitting experimental rock tracks that are sure to leave the listeners wanting more. Be sure to make your calendars for April 5th because "Make A Record" is not a release you will want to miss.

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