Local Music Day Planned For November 9th

Since 2008, fans of independent record stores have celebrated their existence annually with Record Store Day. Seeking to build off the spirit of Record Store Day one area musician has planned a Local Music Day. As a fan of Record Store Day, D Robbins is seeking to fill in some of the shortfalls he sees. Disappointed by many attendees straying away from records recorded by local bands the idea for Local Music Day came to him.

Set for the weekend of November 9th, the first edition of Local Music Day will have two main elements to the celebration. Comprising of both new releases from many local musicians and two nights of music at the Yellow Cab Tavern, Local Music Day has much going on.

For some, what will be the highlight of Local Music Day is the live performances. In other words, no one should miss the live music at the Yellow Cab Tavern. Kicking things off on Friday night is Roley Yuma, Grenades!?, YARDBOSS, and Black Sire. Following them up on Saturday is Lioness, Moira+Tino, Human Cannonball, Smug Brothers.

Perhaps what is most significant about Local Music Day is new releases from several local artists. Some notable releases include a split about from The Paint Splats and Mike Bankhead (see above preview) and the release of Overthought Musik. In addition to those, there are many more releases due out on Local Music Day.

More Information

More information about Local Music Day can be found on their website or on their Facebook page. In addition, those who which to attend the performances at the Yellow Cab Tavern can find more information here. Also, a full list of Local Music Day Releases can be found here.