Kyleen Downes - Come On Sit Down

Although her first album, Maybe Sometimes, wasn't released until 2016, Kyleen Downes has been an active member of Dayton's music scene for many years. Since then Kyleen has achieved an impressive list of accomplishments. While recent events may have slowed down the music world, Kyleen has not let that get in her way. Now after over a year of hard work, Kyleen Downes released her latest album, Come On Sit Down, on June 12th.

With any album, the process of writing and recording often transforms the music in unexpected ways. In the case of Come On Sit Down, Kyleen Downes saw the album come together thanks to a mix of old songs, new songs, and the talented group of individuals she worked with. After starting recording in November 2018 with Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording and working for over a year, the album slowly came together. During that time Kyleen found herself reclaiming a song from an old demo ("Drained"), recording with her full band, recording without the band, and even writing a song in a single day ("All My Life"). As a result, Kyleen Downes created a well-rounded album that fans of the Dayton music scene will enjoy.

Unlike her previous releases that mainly focus on her music's energetic side, this new album also introduces listeners to the artist's calmer side. Throughout Come On Sit Down, Kyleen Downes has managed to craft an impressive array of songs that show listeners the many sides of her music. Whether you are new to her music or not, this new album will show you who Kyleen Downes is as an artist. In fact, according to Kyleen the underlying message of the album is, "get to know me and maybe you can relate."

More About Kyleen Downes

To learn more about Kyleen and her music, you can check out her website or Facebook page. Currently, Come On Sit Down is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Additionally, you can purchase the album by visiting the store section on her website. To stay up to date on all the great new music from Dayton artists, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.