Kevin Serey- Tales From The Horseshoe Lounge

Last month, November 2019, Kevin Serey released his debut Bluegrass/Americana album Tales From The Horseshoe Lounge. A musician since age 13, Kevin Serey originally played Rock & Blues covers. Although he admits he used to hate Bluegrass, you'd never be able to tell by listening to the album. In fact, many will find it hard to believe that this is his first Bluegrass/American album.

One of the cool things about Tales From The Horseshoe Lounge is that Kevin Serey echos elements of classic American music by involving his family in some form on every song on the album. Not only is his wife on every song but also his son, daughter and even his mom are on at least one track. Ultimately each song on the album features a different lineup that will remind listeners of front porch Appalachian music.

Consisting of twelve songs that each feature different elements from classic Americana & Bluegrass music, this album has something for everyone. From murder ballads to banjo picking, there is a little of everything on Tales From The Horseshoe Lounge. Those who are fans of the genre and those who enjoy 3 chords and a story will love the album. Ultimately Kevin Serey shows that Americana is alive in Dayton and if you aren't paying attention you should.

More Information

For those who wish to learn more about the album, Kevin Serey recorded an episode of The Gem City Podcast. To find the episode all you need to do is click here. In addition, the album is also available on Apple Music and Spotify. Also, the album is available for purchase on CD Baby.