K.Carter - K.Carter's New Album

Since his 2015 debut album, Revenge of the Nerd, K.Carter has been one of the more active voices in Dayton's hip-hop community. Although the pandemic has slowed down Dayton's music scene, K.Carter has still been hard at work writing and recording new music. Now after a little more than a year since his last full-length album, NBX, on January 23rd K.Carter released his latest full-length album titled K.Carter's New Album.

Like many musicians, K.Carter has used his music to reflect on the unique year that was 2020. According to K.Carter, a lot of his year was "very laid back and chill because there wasn't much to do" which in turn lead him to deep thoughts on the subjects he reflects upon in the album. From more serious subjects, like moving on, to more light-hearted things, like being hype, he covers a wide range of topics that nearly anyone can relate to. Overall K.Carter's New Album includes a wide variety of tracks that fans, both old and new, will love.

Although K.Carter's New Album is largely a reflection on 2020, it's also a look forward to K.Carter's future progress as an artist. Because he plans on his next two albums being a continuation of this work, he wants fans to look at this new album as if they are witnessing a work in progress. To achieve this desired effect, he not only titled the album with a name that sounds more like a placeholder than a title, but he also titled his tracks the same way and choose a blueprint-like image for the cover art. As a result, K.Carter makes it clear that he is still progressing as an artist and he wants his fans to feel a part of his journey.

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To learn more about K.Carter and his music, you can check out his website, Facebook page, or Instagram. Currently, K.Carter's New Album is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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