How To Support Dayton Musicians This Bandcamp Friday(Feb 5th)

Since the onset of the global pandemic last year, many independent musicians have seen a countless number of their live performances canceled. As a result, these musicians have lost an important source of income that many of them have come to depend on. In order to help these musicians, the popular online sales platform Bandcamp has been periodically waving the fees they charge musicians who sell music on the platform. Due to the fact that these fee-free days come on the first Friday of every month, the fee waiver has become affectionately known as Bandcamp Friday.

Although any day is a good day to buy local music, there is no better day than Bandcamp Friday. The reason for this simple. More of your money goes directly to the artist when you buy music on Bandcamp Friday. So if you want to show your support for local musicians buying music on Bandcamp Friday is a perfect way to do so. Because the next Bandcamp Friday is on February the 5th, we have put together a short list of some notable music Dayton area musicians that are currently selling music on Bandcamp.

The 1984 Draft/Gordon Withers - "Honest"

First up on our list is the double-sided, "Honest", from The 1984 Draft and the Maryland Based punk cellist Gordon Withers. What makes this single so special is that it takes an old song and makes it new again by matching it up with a new unique take of that same song. Specifically, the A-side of this single features a cover of The 1984 Draft song "Honest" by the cellist Gordon Withers. On the other hand, the B-side features the original version of the song from The 1984 Draft album Makes Good Choices. Starting on February 5th, this single will be available for digital download and as a preorder for a limited edition 7'' vinyl on their Bandcamp page. Additionally, The 1984 Draft has decided to donate all the profits from the sale to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

TV Queens - Bad Fiction (Pre-Order)

Next up on our list is the debut album, titled Bad Fiction, from Darryl Robbins and Overthought Musik's latest project, TV Queens. For this new project, Darryl has teamed up with the prominent Dayton area musicians Nathan Peters (Lioness and Captain of industry) and Maria Dixon (Me & Mountains and Lioness). Different from Darryl's other projects TV Queens started with Darryl experimenting with wave-like synth melodies. After feeling that these experiments were in need of a voice, Darryl brought in his long-time friends Nathan and Maria to round out this exciting project. While Bad Fiction is still two weeks away from release, it is available for pre-order on the band's Bandcamp page.

Magnaphone Records

Last up on our list is not one specific work of music but a great place to start if you're new to Dayton's music scene. Although many of Dayton's best musicians remain purely independent, Magnaphone Records has been behind some of the area's best recent releases. Another reason Magnaphone Records' Bandcamp page is a good place to introduce yourself to Dayton's music scene is that the record label has managed to release music from several different genres. Meaning there is a good chance you will find something you will like. While every musician that works with Magnaphone Records is worth checking out, this Bandcamp Friday might be a good time to pre-order the new Boxcar Suite album, Every Side of the Abyss.

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