Great New Local Music From The Second Half of 2020(part 2)

Last week we posted part 1 of our list of some of our favorite recent local releases. Today we are back with part 2. If you haven't checked out part 1 of our list yet, be sure to because it contains some really great locally made music.

Heather Redman - “Everybody”

First on our list is the new single "Everybody" from Heather Redman. While Heather is best known locally as a member of Neo-American Pioneers, lately she has been releasing music outside of her work as a member of that band. Earlier this year, alongside David Payne, she released a collection of covers of locally written songs titled Stay Home. Now she has released her brand new single, titled "Everybody", on December 11th. If you like powerfully sung music that sends you back to soul music's glory days this song is a must-listen. Right now you can find the song on Heather Readman's Bandcamp page and all major streaming services. Be sure to be on the lookout for her upcoming solo record, because if the rest of the songs are even half as good as this single it is sure to be one amazing record.

Mike Bankhead - Anxious Inventions & Fictions

Next on our list is the second full-length album from local bassist and solo artist, Mike Bankhead. One of the things that makes Mike Bankhead's music unique is that there are few solo artists that claim the bass guitar as their primary instrument. As a result one of the cool things about his music is that he often brings in some of Dayton's top musical talent to join him when he records. Overall this album does an excellent job showing listeners just who Mike Bankhead is as a musician and as an added bonus you get to hear some of Dayton's top talent, besides Mike, in action. In addition to being available for streaming on Spotify & Apple Music, Anxious Inventions & Fictions can also be purchased on Bandcamp.

Charlie & Amanda - The King & Queen of Dayton Country

While most people don't think of Dayton, Ohio when they think about classic old Nashville style country music, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist here. A great example of it is the latest album from Charlie & Amanda Jackson. Titled The King & Queen of Dayton Country and released on July 25th, this album serves as proof that you don't have to live in Nashville to make classic style country music. If you want to check out how Dayton does country music be sure to check out the duo's Bandcamp page. Also, you can find the album on major streaming services.

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