Great Local Music Videos Released This January

At just short of the one month mark, 2020 is already proving to be a great year for many Dayton area musicians. Notably, several local musicians have kicked off their year by releasing new music videos. Not only are all these videos great but also they are a sign of a great year to come.

Nick Kizirnis - Slipping Away

Directed by Sam Manavis, the video for "Slipping Away" was released on January 8th to promote Nick Kizirnis's upcoming album The Distance. Accordingly, this video shows why there are many reasons to be excited about the upcoming album. For one thing, the amount of local talent in this video is incredible. More specifically Nick Kizirnis is joined by Patrick Himes(bass), Brian Hoeflich(drums), and Katie Wakefield (vocals but not appearing). Additionally, this song will have a slightly different lineup on the album but that's even more reason to watch.

Yuppie - A Place To Call My Own

Released on January 1st, Yuppie wasted no time starting off their year with “A Place To Call My Own”. In addition to being an all-around excellent song and video, there are many reasons why this video is special. Specifically, the video was made possible thanks to support from the veteran support organization Operation Encore. Not only is Yuppie lead singer Zack Sliver a Marine Corps veteran but also a frequent volunteer in the community. For example, there were few who spent more time helping the area recover from the 2019 memorial day than him. Although there are many great things to say about this band, the main takeaway from this video is just how talented they are.

Paige Beller - Anchor

One of the things that make Paige Beller‘s music so great is her ability to take very little and make such a complete sounding song. For example, in this video, Paige Beller managed to record a beautiful and moving song with just her tiny piano and a megaphone. Likewise, this video shot and edited by Bobby Tewksbury compliments the simplicity of the song perfectly.