Great Local Music Videos Released in February

After a strong January for many local musicians, February was once again a great month for new music videos from local musicians. While there were many music videos released this month, there were three that were especially noteworthy.

The Nautical Theme - "Break My Fall"

In order to continue the promotion of their upcoming album, The Nautical Theme released the video for their latest single on February 21st. Titled "Break My Fall", this video's release comes just one week after the single's release. Additionally, this single comes off the group's upcoming album Lows and Highs, due for release on March 21st.

Ryan Mundy - "Broke man"

Next of the notable music videos released this month is one from Springfield, Oh native Ryan Mundy. In this case, this video’s release actually came before the song’s official release. Set to be released on February 28th, the song “Broke Man” is about a love story where a man would give up anything even if it meant to decline all the money in the world in sacrifice to be rich in love rather than rich in money, for the love of his woman.

Scott Houchens's Hayner House Session

Although not a traditional music video, this list would not be complete without including the latest Hayner House Session. Notably, this installment of the video series features Scott Houchen of The Pullouts. During this session, Scott manages to show off both his powerful voice and expert piano skills. Additionally, this video series is made possible thanks to the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center.