Great Local Music Videos Released In March

Although March has been a trying month for many in the community, there also has been much to be thankful for. While many aspects of daily life have been obstructed, one thing that has not is the creativity of Dayton area residents. Likewise, just like in January and February, March has seen the release of many great music videos from local musicians.

The Pullouts – Yours For Always

In order to promote their upcoming EP, Tumbleweed WaltzThe Pullouts have been releasing new videos weekly. Significantly the first of these new videos included a music video for their new song “Yours For Always”. In addition to being another great addition to the band’s song catalog, the video is just the first of many great things the band has planned for the near future. If you are not familiar with The Pullouts yet, now is the time as Tumbleweed Waltz is sure to be one of the year’s best releases.

The Story Changes – Golden Age

Made up of Mark McMillon and Christopher “Poppy” Popadak of Hawthorne Heights and Chris Serafini from The StereoThe Story Changes is one of Dayton’s most exciting Alternative rock bands. In addition to a recent successful album release last summer, the band released a new music video on March 25th. While it’s always exciting to see a video for a fan favorite song released, this one has a special twist. In fact, this video is something both fans of the band and Star Wars will find special. After all, a galaxy far far away needs music videos too!

Toadstill Shadow – Magic Carpet

What some might consider as one of the more interesting local music videos released in March is “Magic Carpet”. Released by the Yellow Springs Ohio music & arts collective Toadstill Shadow, “Magic Carpet” just might be the video people need right now. While very different than most of today’s popular music the mellow tone of the video might be a nice change. If you are feeling stressed this video just may be the thing to soothe your anxieties away.

Freight – Science of Attraction

In addition to the previously mentioned videos, March also saw a new video from the Dayton based band, Freight. Likewise, the video consists of an acoustic version of their song “Science of Attraction” off their album, Classic Misdemeanor. Despite being newer to Dayton’s music scene there are many reasons to be excited about this band. If you haven’t yet, be sure to give the band a listen, you won’t regret it.

The Nautical Theme – One More Left

The last of the great local videos released in March is a lyric video from The Nautical Theme. Although lyric videos often lack substance, this couldn’t be farther from the truth for “One More Left”. In this case, the beautifully created images in this video complement the song in a way not often seen in lyric videos. Additionally the song “One More Left” comes off the duo’s most recent album Lows+Highs.