Gabbard & Perkins - Album Review

On November 22nd, Dayton rockers Andy Gabbard of the Buffalo Killers and M Ross Perkins released their debut album as a pair, Gabbard & Perkins. In addition to being their first release as a pair, the album also introduces a sound new to both musician's music. As a result, Gabbard & Perkins features a sound that is reminiscent of traditional-sounding country music but with the musicians' unique flavor.

Notably, what makes Gabbard & Perkins different from the musicians' other music is what also makes the album great. By using themes and sounds commonly found in traditional country songs, the duo has created an album with broad appeal. Particularly with songs like "Cincinnati Starlight", listeners will find it hard to believe that these two aren't seasoned county musicians. However, fans of the musicians will still find more familiar-sounding songs on the album such as "My Friend Andy". Although the album is more of a country album than anything else, clearly the neo-psychedelia influence from M Ross Perkins is still there.

Altogether this album represents a new and unique project from two seasoned musicians. For fans of the duo, it will be fun to explore the new sounds featured on the album. On the other hand, the album is also sure to introduce new fans to the talented musicians. As an added bonus fans of Bill's Donuts will find a fun surprise with the song "Donuts at Bill's".

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