Funky G To Play Two Show Farewell

Sad news hit the Dayton area last week when area favorite Funky G & The Groove Machine announced that their time as a group is coming to an end. Making the announcement via Facebook many fans were quick to offer shows of support and affection to the band. Accompanying the news of the band's end was the announcement that fans will have two last chances to see Funky G & The Groove Machine Play.

Funky G & The Groove Machine's April 3rd Announcement

Known in the area for their high energy R&B and funk covers Funky G & The Groove Machine has long been a favorite of many Dayton music fans. Frequently found playing in the Oregon District, the band has played many of the area's great venues and events. During their career, Funk G & The Groove Machine has put on many great shows that have left a lasting impression on many local fans. When asked about how he feels that the band is coming to an end, local music fan Chris Zimmer replied "I'm thankful for the shows they put on. They played some great covers, and always brought a great crowd no matter what venue they were at. I'm very sad to see them go, I was hoping to have them play at my wedding someday."

Fans of the band have no need to worry because there are still two chances to see Funk G & The Groove Machine play. The band will be playing their final two performances at Tumbleweed Connection on April 13th and May 11th. Make sure to check out at least one of these shows as they are guaranteed to be an amazing farewell to an equally amazing band.

Tumbleweed Connection is located at 454 E 5th St, Dayton, OH

Event Details here.