Dayton's Thanksgiving Week Music Guide

Aside from the food and family, the best part of Thanksgiving is many have time off of work. As a result, the week of Thanksgiving is a great time to check out some local music. Here at we always keep a list of local live music each week, but since there are so many special events the week we are here to tell you about which ones we are most excited about.

The Brightside

This Thanksgiving week our friends at The Brightside have two very special shows planned. First on Wednesday the 27th, The Thanksgiving Jam is coming to The Brightside. Headlined by local favorite Subterranean, The Thanksgiving Jam is an event that is can't miss for fans of jam bands. In addition to Subterranean, Kommunity Service and Oh Kee Pa will also be taking the stage.

Next up at The Brightside is a Black Friday bash featuring two very special acts. On Friday the 29th The Brightside will be hosting the return of Dayton native Charlie Tipton and the blues-rock band Wolf Moon Revival. Both of these shows are open to all ages and advance tickets can be purchased by visiting

Yellow Cab Tavern

Just like The Brightside, The Yellow Cab Tavern also has two great shows scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving. First on the schedule is The Quasi Kings on Friday the 29th. What makes this show special is that proceeds will go to benefit the charity, Homefull. With an admission charge of only $5 and the awesome reggae tunes from this great Columbus based band, this event will be well worth the trip.

Next up at The Yellow Cab Tavern is Gratefuls-Giving on Saturday the 30th. This special event will feature popular local Grateful Dead tribute band Terrapin Moon. What local Grateful Dead fans will find even cooler about this show is that Terrapin Moon will be playing the same setlist the Grateful Dead played at the band's only ever concert in Dayton. Doors for this show open at 8 pm and advance tickets can be purchased by visiting

Such A Night: The Last Waltz Live

Unfortunately, this event is already sold out for its Friday performance and there are very few tickets left for the Wednesday performance. In spite of that, no article about music in Dayton the week of Thanksgiving would be complete without mentioning this event. This annual event features dozens of local musicians as they celebrate the last performance of The Band, known as The Latz Waltz. In addition to being an excellent tribute to a legendary concert, Such A Night serves as a fundraiser for WYSO. If you hurry you still may be able to grab a ticket and check out some of Dayton's best local musicians, including Amber Hargett, Seth Gilliam, and more, as they recreate this historic concert.

Click here for tickets to the Wednesday night performance

More Live Music

Along with the already mentioned events, there are many more great local shows happening the week of Thanksgiving. Being a holiday weekend nearly all of Dayton's popular music venues have great events planned. To find a list of other events in the area you can check out our live music this week page.