Dayton Art Galleries & Events to Check Out in March

In addition to having a great local music scene, Dayton Ohio is also home to a thriving art scene. In fact, there are numerous art galleries in Dayton that feature works by local artists. Whether you are an art buff or looking to support local artists here are some art galleries and events to check out in March.

Front Street - First Friday

As a complex of three industrial-sized buildings, there is no better place to check out local art than Front Street. Although The Front Street complex is open 7 days a week, individual artists host their own hours, the best way to experience Front Street is their three monthly events. The first, and most notable of these is their monthly First Friday event. This March their First Friday event will take place on March 6th from 5 -9 pm. In addition to the art galleries being open, this event will also feature live music from Jerry & Vaugh Live. If you can't make this month's First Friday be sure to check out their Second Look Saturday and Third Sunday events.

Artists United Group Show

Hosted by The Orphanage, the Artists United Group Show will be the gallery's largest show of the year. In addition to visual art, the show also features book signings, poetry readings, and live entertainment. Altogether the show will include work from over 50 Dayton artists. In addition, to the show's opening on March 6th(5-9 pm), the show will also run on March 7th and 15th. Additionally, The Orphanage is located in the Front Street Complex at 73 N. Dutoit st. Dayton, Ohio. Also, be sure to check out the event's Facebook page for more details.

Old Fools BMX Bicycle Art Jam

Although different from the rest of the events in this list, the Old Fools BMX Bicycle Art Jam might be the coolest. Hosted by Mike's Bike Park, this event is for everyone who loves either art or bikes. Specifically, what makes this event so cool is that this event is exclusively about bike inspired art. If you want to see some awesome bike inspired art this event is a can't miss. Additionally, this event will take place on March 21st from noon-6 pm at Mike's Bike Park. Be sure to check out the Facebook event page for more details.

Dutoit Gallery - Emerging Symbols

Another noteworthy gallery showing in March is "Emerging Symbols" at the Dutoit Gallery. "Emerging Symbols" features work by the artist Clara Coleman and consists of a painted body of work that explores the fluid and relative symbolic connections to certain shapes, figures, and subjects by both the artist and the viewer. Furthermore, this gallery will be open on March 6th(6-9 pm) and March 15th(11 am -4 pm). If you are interested in a private showing you can contact the artist by sending an email to

Note To Artists

If you are a local artist and have an upcoming showing you would like us to consider including in the future please send us an email with details to