David Payne- Orange Glow

For those not familiar with David Payne, he has long had an important presence in Dayton's music scene. Not only as a member of The New Old-Fashioned but also as a solo artist and other collaborations with many local musicians. After a few years since his last solo release, he has released his latest album, Orange Glow, on December 14th.

A thing that makes a musician's solo albums special is it allows a musician to explore sounds different than they would with their main band. In the case of Orange Glow, David Payne plays more intimate songs than you would find on a record by The New Old-Fashioned. In contrast to his usual role in The New Old-Fashioned, on this album, David Payne functions as a traditional singer-songwriter. Ultimately the album gives listeners a closer look into who he is as a songwriter.

If you are already a fan of David Payne's work, Orange Glow will further seal your love for his work. On the other hand, if you're not a fan yet the album will introduce you to one of Dayton's top songwriters. Either way, the album is another in a long line of great work from a great musician.

More Information

For those who wish to learn more about David Payne's work, you can check out his Facebook page. In addition, the album is also available to stream on Spotify. Also, the album is available for purchase on the artist's Bandcamp page.