David Payne & Heather Redman- Stay Home

While Ohio's ongoing stay at home order has disrupted many Ohioian's daily life, some are using the extra time at home to explore and expand their creative talents. Especially when it comes to Dayton's musicians, many see the current situation as a chance to push their creative boundaries. In fact, David Payne & Heather Redman have already recorded and released a new EP, Stay Home, during their time at home that celebrates some of the Dayton based musicians they miss playing with.

Although David Payne has been recording covers of songs written by other Dayton area musicians for years, Stay Home is different than what he has done before. In addition to Heather Redman joining him, the origins of Stay Home also reflect a different approach to the EP. When the stay-at-home order went into effect David Payne had just recently finished a month of running recording sessions at Reel Love Recording. As a result, he felt like he needed something to work on while at home to build off his work at Reel Love Recording.

Equally important to the EP's backstory is why the duo chose to play the songs they did. Although there was no one prevailing reason why each song was chosen two things remained constant throughout. The first being that the two chose songs that they believed worked well on their piano. Given that the recent addition of a piano into their home has inspired him to play more, David sought to record songs that played well on the instrument that has been his recent inspiration. But most importantly they chose to cover other Dayton area musicians because it was their unique way of coping with not being able to make music with friends. In the words of David Payne, "It was comforting to work on these songs. It made us feel a little closer to the people in the Dayton music scene that we miss so much".

More Information

If you enjoyed the duo's EP, be sure to also check out the two's other projects. In addition to his solo work, David Payne also is a member of The New-Old Fashioned. Additionally, Heather Redman is a member of Neo American Pioneers. Also, Stay Home is available as a free download on Bandcamp. To stay up to date on all the great new music from Dayton artists, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.