Catching Up With The Katawicks: The Pandemic & What's Next

After almost a year since the first shutdowns caused by COVID-19 hit the country, it is fair to say it's been a long pandemic. While far from the only ones, the livelihoods of small-time independent musicians have been hit especially hard. If you are like us you have probably wondered how exactly the pandemic has been affecting musicians in the Dayton area. In order to find out, we reached out to several area musicians to ask them just that. Because the pandemic has affected everyone differently we have put together a series of blog posts about how different Dayton area musicians have experienced it. To kick off this series, here is what we learned when we talked to The Katawicks about their experiences during the pandemic.

Before the onset of the pandemic, The Katawicks kicked off the beginning of 2020 with a very strong start. In addition to releasing new music, the band also won The Battle of The Bands at The Brightside in February. As a result, the band was building up a ton of momentum that was already translating into a successful year. In fact, before the pandemic caused their cancelation, The Katawicks already had a busy schedule of shows booked at some of Dayton's top venues including at the Levitt Pavilion.

While they may have started off the year strong, when COVID hit, just like everyone else, The Katawicks experienced their fair share of setbacks. Apart from the show cancellations and other setbacks that nearly every musician faced, the band also faced its own unique set of challenges. Due to a combination of circumstances, there were times when the band's creative core, frontwoman Allison Justice and guitarist Matt Washburn, were often unable to find much time to collaborate. Even though they faced many setbacks by summertime the band was able to play some limited shows and even record and release a new EP, titled In The Pocket.

Although The Katawicks have had ups and downs throughout the pandemic they are already laying the groundwork for continued success when the world returns to a degree of normal. In fact, recently the band has been able to safely record new music with Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording, with the hopes of releasing their first full-length album later this year.

In addition to making their own plans for the future, the band also has big hopes for Dayton's music scene. When asked what they think Dayton's music scene will look like after the pandemic, the band replied with an emphatic "Oh I want to see an explosion of artists come out and just play their hearts out. I know a lot of fantastic artists in Dayton, I think Dayton is so chock full of talent and it's so much fun to be a part of it. So I know that if we ever get back to "normal" or something like it, we're going to hear some amazing stuff."

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