Catching Up With The Boxcar Suite: The Pandemic & What's Next

It has been about a year since the coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. Since then, everyone has had their own unique experience that has shaped their life in previously unimaginable ways. Although no two experiences have been the same, everyone’s story features a transition into a new normal. Recently we got a chance to talk to The Boxcar Suite and learn a little about their new normal.

Unlike most bands, The Boxcar Suite was already transitioning to a new normal when the pandemic hit. Given that longtime guitarist Tony Moore had recently moved out of the country the band was planning to spend 2020 releasing the last of their music recorded with Tony and focus on their transition to a power trio. In fact, before the pandemic hit, they had already released two new singles, "Entropical Segue", and “Take the Helm”. Then when the world changed so did their plans for releasing new music in 2020.

With live performances canceled and planned releases of new music put on hold the band decided it was best to take some time off. While this time off meant no rehearsing and no work on new material, members of the band still found ways to work on the band. For example, the band’s frontman Tim Pritchard spent the time rebuilding his studio space and finishing the mixing for the band’s upcoming album.

After a long break and establishing low-risk situations, like many Americans, the members of The Boxcar Suite decided it was time to get back at it.  Since then, the band has been focusing on reworking old material for the new normal as a power trio. Additionally, the band is planning on releasing their long-awaited album, Every Side of the Abyss, on Friday, March 5th. While the band does not currently have any live shows scheduled be on the lookout for some later this year. As coronavirus case counts continue to fall the band is hoping to return to a busy schedule of live performances this summer.

More About The Boxcar Suite

To learn more about The Boxcar Suite and their music, you can check out their website or Facebook page. Currently, you can find music by The Boxcar Suite on the band’s Bandcamp page and major streaming services. Also, be sure not to forget to check out their latest album, Every Side of the Abyss, when it drops on Friday(3/5).