Bohemian Funk Announces First Tour Dates.

Newcomers to the Dayton Ohio music scene, Bohemian Funk, have recently released their first single, "Hit The Road". This new four-piece band is made up of Rocko (Lead vocals/Rhythm guitar), Graham Werts(Drummer/Backing baritone vocals), Eric Webber (Lead Guitar/Backing tenor vocals), and Montana Iverson (Bass/Backing tenor vocals). Together the four members of the band play a self-described groovy take on modern rock. Couple that with the influence of Detriot's music on the band, Bohemian Funk is bringing a new and different sound to Dayton's music scene.

In addition to the album, Bohemian Funk is also, between now and March, playing a series of shows in Dayton and elsewhere. Titled as the "Hit The Road" tour, the band will be playing many of these shows in the Dayton area. For those wanting to check out this new band, the "Hit The Road" tour is a perfect chance. In fact, with 9 shows in Dayton no matter what your schedule is you should be able to make a show.

More About Bohemian Funk

For those who wish to learn more about Bohemian, you can check out their Facebook page. In addition, the band's first song "Hit The Road" is also available to stream on Spotify. Also, the album the band activity adds new videos on the artist's YouTube Channel.