As Dayton Heals Local Musicians Raise Money For Victims

October 4th marks the two month anniversary of the tragic shooting in Dayton's Oregon District. While news crews and the public spotlight may have left, the healing process is still far from over. As the community continues to heal many groups have heeded the call to raise funds for the victims. Although there have been many extraordinary fundraising efforts launched, most notably Dave Chappelle's Gem City Shine concert, few have stepped up like Dayton's local musicians have.

Victims of the Oregon district shooting

Like many others, Dayton's musicians were quick to answer the call to action. As a result, many local musicians were already planning benefit concerts just days after the shooting. Setting aside the fact that they often make very little for their work, many decided there was nothing more important than helping Dayton heal. In light of their tremendous efforts, Dayton's musicians have once again made clear they are one of the city's greatest assets.

Dayton United Performers

Although impossible to list every fundraiser, there have been several that have stood out in the community. Among many others, two that brought in some of the biggest crowds were the Dayton United Benefit and the Sound Valley Summer Music Festival. Bringing in singers from five bands outside of Dayton, the August 28th Dayton United Benefit also featured Joe Anderl of the local favorite, The 1984 Draft. Originally scheduled to raise money for SICSA, the August 31st Sound Valley Music Festival ended up changing plans. Deciding to divert some of the proceeds to support the victims, Sound Valley ended up raising $1,200 for the Dayton Foundation and $2000 for SICSA.

Along with the more largely advertised events, there were several others that managed to raise impressive sums of money. Taking place at The Little York Tavern on August 23rd, The Weekend Effect was able to raise $4,902. Another impressive effort was undertaken on September 21st at Turnbuckles & Brews. The event GemFest managed to raise $1,200 which was doubled by BuckeyeVodka. Among these events were so many others it is impossible to describe in a single article. On top of that, there are still more upcoming benefit concerts planned.

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Bands who've helped

Below is a list of Dayton area bands that have helped raise funds for the victims of the Oregon district tragedy. All bands are hyperlinks to their respective Facebook pages, so show them some love and give them a Facebook like. If your band is not listed below send us an email telling us how you've helped to and we will add you.