Amber Hargett - Painting Pictures

Since her 2019 debut album, Paper Trail, Amber Hargett has quickly become one of Dayton's most popular musicians. While it's been over a year since the album's release, she is once again getting back to work recording new music. And just like with Paper Trail, she is recording with the incredibly talented engineer Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording. As a result of her recent recording sessions on May 27th, she released her latest single titled, "Painting Pictures".

While Dayton is blessed with many great musicians there are few who are as talented at songwriting as Amber Hargett. Although it's far from the only thing that stands out about "Painting Pictures", the song is so incredibly well written. Add in Amber's beautiful voice and you get yet another excellent song from a great musician. If you are already a fan of her music "Painting Pictures" will not disappoint you. On the other hand, if you are new to her music this song is an excellent gateway to her impressive and growing song catalog.

Although there are many facts about this single worth mentioning, some of the most important are not about Amber but are about the influence and work of others that made this song possible. For starters, the finished song wouldn't have been possible without Patrick Himes. In addition to producing and engineering the song Patrick also played every instrument, besides the acoustic guitar, on the song. In fact, this song is a perfect example of Patrick Himes's ability to help a musician turn a good song into something truly special. Besides Patrick Himes, local artist Megan Fiely also played a major part in the single's release, providing an original work to serve as the single's cover art.

More Information

If you are like us, probably can't wait to hear more from Amber Hargett. Hopefully, the wait won't be long as she will be back in the studio soon to begin recording an EP with a target release of early 2021. Likewise, she is also hoping to also release a full-length album sometime by late 2021.

Additionally, "Painting Pictures" is available for download on Amber Hargett's Bandcamp page. Furthermore, for a limited time, the single is"name your price", meaning the price you pay is up to you. In addition to being available on Bandcamp, "Painting Pictures" can also be found on most major streaming services. To stay up to date on all the great new music from Dayton artists, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.