Album Review: The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross

Discovering the new album from Salvadore Ross, titled The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross was a pleasant treat! To know that there are still bands with such a finished and professional sound tucked away and waiting to be discovered is a breath of fresh air for anybody feeling like their music discovery has been stagnant lately.

The emotional electric guitar progressions range from heavy powerful chords to comforting melodies that soothe the mind. Kyle Byrum’s vocals bring life to the music, making it easier for you to connect to an otherworldly sound. His lyrics bring a message of love, juxtaposed alongside shredding guitar solos, intense drumming and screeching chaotic sounds.

This eclectic mix of instrumental psychedelic sounds pulls your mind in different directions, taking you to pockets of their dreamy soundscape that are raw and unexplored. All the while, the lyrics keep you grounded and give clarity.

According to the band, this album’s theme ‘is heavily based on empathetic considerations and the desire to understand our fellow humans to the fullest extent possible.’ With this in mind, the album’s sound takes on an even deeper meaning. You can hear the different ways they attempt to bridge the gap between various emotional styles and empathize with a collection of influences.

This album passes the timeless test of “Can it be listened to from start to finish?” As any good album should, it takes you up before bringing you back down. It twists your mind in a knot before untangling it back to a clear and focused state. It is beautiful and sentimental, but powerful and overwhelming. And as any good rock and roll album should, it breaks the right rules when the music calls for it.

It has been said a band’s sophomore album is what makes or breaks their career. They’ve already established themselves and found their sound, and the second album really shows fans where they will go next. In the case of The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross, keep your eyes on these guys. This album is going to take them places and it will be exciting to watch the band evolve from here.