Album Review: The Story Changes- To Hell With This Delicate Equation

For Dayton area music fans Hawthorne Heights is a band that demonstrates how successful musicians from the area can be. Although many are familiar with the band's work few are familiar with the band members’ other projects. Made up of guitarist Mark McMillon and drummer Christopher Popadak from Hawthorne Heights and bassist Chris Serafini from The Stereo, The Story Changes is a band that is worthy of attention. If you haven't given the band a listen yet there is no better place to start than their latest album, To Hell With This Delicate Equation.

Released on April 26th by Magnaphone Records, To Hell With This Delicate Equation is another excellent example of the talent coming out of Dayton, Ohio. Starting off the album with the song "Crying Wolf" the album instantly shows listeners why this band is something special. Accompanying Crying Wolf is 11 songs that show off the band's great talent. Recording the album in McMilion's home studio the band has put together an album that fans of modern rock with a touch of emo will love.

Using their sparse time to record the album in between touring, many may wonder if the album was rushed. After listening to the finished product it is clear that couldn't be farther from the truth. With To Hell With This Delicate Equation, the band has put together yet another great album. Due to the fame of Hawthorne Heights, it might be easy to overlook The Story Changes, but anyone who does is making a mistake.