Album Review: Seth Canan & The Carriers- Strange Forces

Released on June 14th, Seth Canan & The Carries have graced their fans with their second full-length release Strange Forces. Made up of frontman Seth Canan, bassist Isaac Schaefer, and drummer Zac Pack, the Trio has had fans waiting in anticipation for the new album since the March 20th release of the single "What's Happening to me?". Building off the excitement stirred by the single, the trio kicked off the release with a show at Blind Bob's. Taking the stage alongside local favorites, The New Old Fashion and A Voice of Your Own, the band celebrated the release in a grand fashion. Since its release, Strange Forces, has been one of the hottest new albums in the Dayton area.

Kicking off the album with the titular track, "Strange Forces", Seth Canan & The Carries starts the album with a hard-rocking track that will remind fans why it is so fun to see the band live. Alongside the hard-rocking tunes that will be delightfully familiar to their fans, the album also displays the band's musical depth. With the slow and somber song, "Small Town Blues", the trio delivers to listeners a heart filled track that reminds the listener that this is not just another rock band. Other standout tracks on the album include "What's Happening to Me?" and "Watching Smoke Rise up to the Moon".

With Strange Forces, Seth Canan & The Carries once again remind fans why they are a Dayton area, must-see band. After listening to Strange Forces it quickly becomes clear why the trio is currently so hot. After just one listen, those new to the band will be sure to add the band to their must-see local band list. Fans of the album be sure to be on the lookout for the band's upcoming shows as they are not to be missed.

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