Album Review - Misconstrued by Seth Gilliam & The Fake News

The new album “Misconstrued” from Seth Gilliam & The Fake News is an exploration of modern rock music in all its various forms. It ranges from radio-friendly pop-rock to upbeat and groovy dance-rock, touching down at some soulful, funky, and heavy areas along the way.

Seth Gilliam has been very active in the Dayton music scene, but this is his first release as Seth Gilliam & The Fake News. The four-piece alternative group consists of Seth Gilliam (Guitar, Vocals), Trae Craggette (Bass, Vocals), Dan Spaugy (Guitar), and Scott Rogers (Drums).

Misconstrued was released on October 11 and celebrated with an album release show at The Yellow Cab Tavern.

As it starts out, the album has the undiscovered comfort and potential of a garage band - as if you’re in on something that has yet to be discovered by other people.

The third song on the album, Lizard People, has groovy guitar licks with a danceable indie-rock feel. It stood out to me as the most well written and produced track on the album. They even released a fun music video for Lizard People.

The album gets its title from the fourth track. Misconstructed is emotional and soulful, with a dream-like soundscape that puts the listener in a very peaceful headspace.

Marbles and Eggshells is a bit of a musical journey with musically busy areas, and resting areas that encourage your mind to wander a bit before snapping you back into the lyrics with a pretty rad guitar lick.

The final song of the project is called Nest, and it leaves the album on an energetic note as if they wanted to take you on one last wild ride before their album was over.