Album Review: Amber Hargett - Paper Trail

If you have been paying attention to the many great events that have been happening recently in Dayton, the name Amber Hargett is likely familiar to you. From Dayton Porchfest to the upcoming Sound Valley Music Festival, Amber Hargett has spent 2019 doing many great things. Among those great things includes the March 30th release of her album Paper Trail. As a result, Amber Hargett has sung herself into one of Dayton's top local talents.

For those new to Amber Hargett, there is no better way to introduce yourself to her music than listening to Paper Trail. Perhaps one of the best aspects of Paper Trail is that it showcases the many different sounds of Amber Hargett. Starting off the album with "Broke" and "Carolina Blue", fans of country singer-songwriters are sure to be instantly hooked. Continue to listen to Paper Trail and that is not all you will get. With the song "The Other Side", Amber Hargett seamlessly incorporates electrifying guitar riffs into her music in a way that will stand out to any listener. From start to finish, Paper Trail takes on a journey through the many, but equally satisfying, different sounds of Amber Hargett.

When listening to Paper Trail it quickly becomes clear why Amber Hargett is making waves in Dayton's music scene. Composed of 10 great songs, Paper Trail is more than just a great album. It is a statement displaying why you should be paying attention to Amber Hargett. If you are not listening to Amber Hargett, now is the time to get on board.