Album Review: A Voice Of Your Own- Satellites

Since its June 22nd release, A Voice Of Your Own has been making waves with their latest album Satellites. Featuring James Crabtree on guitar and vocals, guitarist Tyler Conley, bass player Johnny Mcconnell, and drummer Matt Mihalus, Satellites is the band's sophomore release. Recording everything but the drums in-house, A Voice Of Your Own has created a truly homegrown album with Satellites. Although the album is a homegrown creation, because of the band's passionate work Satellites graces the listener with big studio sound.

Taking its name from a song the band wrote together, "Satellites", the album features many songs fans will adore. From the opening track, "Sputnik", to the closing song, "Like a Drug", Satellites is from top to bottom a complete and well-flowing album. Among other standouts on the album is the song "Counterfeit" that fans of 90s alternative will be sure to love. Featuring 11 excellent songs, Satellites has something for both old fans and those new to A Voice Of Your Own.

Whether you are a fan of the band, 90s alternative, or Dayton's music scene, Satellites is well worth a listen. Couple the album with the great shows they have been playing, A Voice Of Your Own is quickly becoming one of Dayton's hottest bands. All music fans in the Dayton area need to pay attention, because, with the momentum, they have now there is no telling what the band will do next. With many upcoming shows on their schedule, there is no excuse for not checking the band out.