After After All - Hangover, Ohio: Album Review

Perhaps the most interesting release due out on Local Music Day is After After All from Hangover, Ohio. Unlike other releases due out that day, Hangover, Ohio is a long-distance project between a Dayton and a Tennessee musician. Made up of Kris Neises, from Dayton, and Nick Satinover, from Tennesse, After After All is the group's third release. Releasing on cassette via Poptek Recs., the group is one of the latest artists to join the label.

Starting off with "Gave a Better One", listeners are introduced to the group's lo-fi sounds right from the start. Continuing with a series of non-highly polished songs After After All is a release that seems perfectly made for a cassette. Among many great songs, a highlight includes "Good Fences". Incorporating many of the elements that characterize the group's sound, it is easy to see why it was the first single off this release.

Being the first release from Hangover, Ohio since 2012 fans of the duo should be excited. Not many groups collaborate over long distances for good reasons. But in this case, the distance between Kris Neises and Nick Satinover if anything enhances the quality of the duo. For those who have not given the group a listen, you can find their music by visiting Popteck Recs.' website.