15 Years Of Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative

In today's world, due to newer media forms, more people than ever are ignoring college radio stations. But over the past 15 years, there has been one radio show that has time and time again showed why college radio is so special. Broadcasted weekly at WUDR's studio, Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative has long been a Dayton area gem. Hosted by the University of Dayton professor Art Jipson, few college radio shows have had as much impact as his.

Known affectionately to listeners as Dr. J, it's easy to see how his years as an academic has impacted the show. As a professor of Sociology at the University of Dayton not only does Dr. J bring a unique perspective on music to the show but also experience from several different radio stations. Going back to his undergrad days at the University of Minnesota, Dr. J's radio career began 36 years ago in 1983.

Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative Studio
Dr. J in the Studio

The Early Days

Originally titled, "The School of Rock with Dr.J", Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative, had a different format than today's show. Back then the show wasn't nearly as focused on local music as it is today. Instead, the show often walked listeners through the history and influences behind how music got to where it is today. For a time the show was also co-hosted by Dr. J's wife "Mrs. Dr. J", and took a few years before becoming what it is today. It wasn't until 2007 that the show was officially rebranded into the show we know today, "Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative".

The Show Today

Known for so much more than just giving local music airtime, Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative has grown into a Dayton staple. Frequently featuring local musicians as in-studio guests, no other show has chronicled Dayton music the way this show has. Taking a look at the guest list over the years is the closest one could possibly get to finding a "whos who" in Dayton music.

What makes the show even more special is the enthusiasm Dr. J has for local music. Even after 15 years when asked what his most memorable show was his response was "That's not a fair question, I've had lots of memorable shows". When further pressed it became clear that every show with a guest is special to Dr. J, and it's always special to the guests too. Even with the frequent guests, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a musician not excited to make a guest appearance.

Anniversary Celebration

To mark this special anniversary a two-night celebration is being held at the Yellow Cab Tavern on Nov 22-23. Featuring some of the area's top talent, including Amber Hargett, The 1984 Draft, and more, it is set to be a celebration worth the milestone. Even more special about this event is Dr. J is sticking to his mission to spread the word about local music. Arranging for a group of UD students to attend he is guaranteeing that his celebration will generate new local music fans.

Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative 15 year show poster

More Information

Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative is broadcasted weekly on WUDR 99.5/98.1 at 3 pm every Tuesday. Those who want to purchase tickets to the anniversary concert can do so by clicking the link below.

Tickets: https://tinyurl.com/yxefazn5